All Hallows' Eve Dump

Double Negative did a lot of the work, if not all of the work, on the Sci-fi thriller LIFE. This set are designs for Baby Calvin. Basically, a wonton dumpling from hell

I finally got into Z-brush earlier this year...These are very basic creature sketch sculpts if you will...but having a lot of fun pushing digital clay around.

 This motley crew may look like they're done in ink but they all started as the Ty Shelton facial anatomy/skull Tool in Z-brush.  I pushed and pulled the original skull beyond recognition (I hope), then took them into photoshop and messed with them a bit more... so it was a very organic process. The high frequency of the detail comes from the starkly lit plastic texture on the original sculpt.

This was a concept for the sci-fi horror film Spectral on Netflix.