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My background includes working in film, television, games, animation, and VFX.

I consider myself a generalist, designing across various stages and aspects of the creative process, including storyboards, props, vfx, environments and character/costume design. 

My primary tools are Pen/Pencil/Photoshop, slowly but increasingly aided by the introduction of 3D. (basic Zbrush/Blender)

Ideally, I like to create enigmatic images featuring character-populated environments that help illustrate and reveal new worlds and stories. 

You may find a cross-section of my work at the following links. The examples in my portfolio include both personal and professional work, the differing styles of which reflect my varied experience and interests in illustration and design. 

https://www.behance.net/hovigalahaidoyan (Portfolio)

https://www.instagram.com/iatemycrayons (Sketchbook with most recent work)

Linkedin (CV/Bio)

Thank you


Portraits from the Underground

Slowly settling in after a move from the Big Smoke to the Big Apple. Not long before leaving London I had started taking surreptitious portraits of people in the Underground, as it allowed me to get at unusual angles and/or close range. I'm continuing this in the NYC subway for portraiture reference and character design. Here is a handful drawn from hundreds of my "stolen" snaps. More on my IG https://lnkd.in/gZBewuH

All Hallows' Eve Dump

Double Negative did a lot of the work, if not all of the work, on the Sci-fi thriller LIFE. This set are designs for Baby Calvin. Basically, a wonton dumpling from hell

I finally got into Z-brush earlier this year...These are very basic creature sketch sculpts if you will...but having a lot of fun pushing digital clay around.

 This motley crew may look like they're done in ink but they all started as the Ty Shelton facial anatomy/skull Tool in Z-brush.  I pushed and pulled the original skull beyond recognition (I hope), then took them into photoshop and messed with them a bit more... so it was a very organic process. The high frequency of the detail comes from the starkly lit plastic texture on the original sculpt.

This was a concept for the sci-fi horror film Spectral on Netflix.

Kong: Skull Island

I did some work for Skull Island at Double Negative a while ago... basically, it was pitched as Kong meets Apocalypse Now. Dark, gritty... etc...etc... If the trailer is anything to go by, I would skip it and watch the Ken Burns' Vietnam Doco instead.

Wonder Woman concepts

These are designs for the swords/weapons that the characters Ares would magically materialise from the various bits of exploded debris and melted detritus scattered around him in the airfield battle scene.


One of several action/battle sequences I story-boarded for Microsoft's newly released ReCore. 
(Developed by Armature Studio)

Ava_Ex Machina

Continuing on the robot theme...this is an early concept I did of Ava for the film Ex Machina, (under the direction of Paul Franklin at Double Negative Visual Effects). Preliminary concepts were created by the Director Alex Garland and Mark Simpson, and the evolution of the character continued at Double Negative with further designs explored by  Dan Hee Ryu and Simon Gustafsson of the concept team. I'm very happy to say that the film won Double Negative the Oscar for best Visual Effects at the 2016 Academy Awards, under the supervision of Andrew Whitehurst.

Initial ideas for Ava's skin


Some robot concepts done for a project from a while back...

Legacy of Kain concept art

These were some early concepts done for what was to be Dead Sun, the latest installment of the Legacy of Kain action adventure franchise. I'm not sure if any of this work was eventually used, as midway through, the project changed hands and presumably went in a different direction. This spin-off is now Nosgoth, and currently in closed Beta, with a lot of the artwork and screenshots etc. released on the official website.

Slow work week...

 These started as copies of  Walker Evans' portraits (taken surreptitiously in NY subways with a camera in his coat), and eventually ended up, (a bit altered from the originals) as mugshots of sorts. Many of them have the same feel, maybe because of the blank stares on the faces of unsuspecting subway travelers photographered head on by Evans.

Bad Textures...

  As I use a lot of textures and patterns for VFX concept work, I thought I would start a visual diary of overlooked or unusual ones I come across while out and about.

Monster Mashup!

This would make a great wallpaper for a newborn's room don't you think? Maybe glow-in-the-dark? 
Builds character.

London..In the year 2000

Sadly, there won't be any flying red buses.

Under Tommorow's Sky...

This is a completed version of another piece I did for the Under Tommorrow's Sky project. The previous version up on the site is quite different and I wasn't happy with it. I kept the main elements but gave it more of an illustrative and graphic treatment with a bit more color.

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Somewhere near Nowhere...

This piece started off solely with the desert vehicle, loosely based around the color silhouettes from below. It slowly turned into a story... maybe David Attenbourough in the future, on Mars...


The images above will (hopefully) make sense to London commuters of a certain age... All three were prepared digitally for a screen printing class. I ended up printing the one on the left as it was the simplest one to start with.

Another batch from a while back. I did a ton of these abstract environment concepts for a game called Mircrobot which takes place in the different systems of the human body. Lots of fun and  a lot different than the usual concept material

The Unknown

Digging some more stuff out from the past. These are some of the concepts I did for Alp Altiner's The Unknown project.


Some of my work will be part of this ongoing exhibition exploring visions of a future city.
Here is a final version of one of the sketches I did for the project.

August 10th, 2012. Eindhoven

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Cog & Turbine

... is a project that my friend Daniel Cox has been working on for which I did some concepts a while back.

Desert vehicle designs

I had these sitting in the depths of my hardrive for an unannounced project from some time ago. They were just black silhouettes, and since Ive been doing more car related stuff, thought I'd dig them up and give them a quick color design treatment.


Color Boards

Couple of colorboards from Guardians of Ga'Hoole

 and a couple from The Waterhorse


This is a piece that started off a while ago as an illustration for another collaborative project with Daniel Cox. I thought I'd dig it back up as I wanted to explore a bit more the graphic popart style using photos, type, shapes etc... I tried several different versions and settled with this one, although I will probably look back at it in a while and think its too busy. It was a lot of fun, but after using the pen tool for the first( and last) time, I'll be sticking to a pencil!

Sketches for The Servant

I haven't done much of animal drawing/character design so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some studies to get into the habit of drawing monkeys/apes, before moving on to a more stylized final design for the protagonist of "The Servant" (See below).
Referenced pencil drawings, scanned and colored in photoshop.

More Costume Sketches

Taking some sketches from figure drawing sessions and dressing them up digitally.

Some Digidoodles...starting from reference then improvising, some more than others

Digital sketches for Harajuku Spy character below

The Servant

The idea and name of "The Servant" was originally proposed by my friend and colleague Daniel Cox with whom I've been collaborating with on a couple of projects.
I'm further developing the designs and story which I would ideally like to see as an animated short or storybook. Originally, I had laid out the the whole thing in a 22 page comic format of which I pulled some frames from. More stuff to come...


Character Design 
 Costume Design. Mix of traditional and Digital